Monday, December 5, 2011

Sprained ankles hurt!

I sprained my ankle on the weekend.
Thankfully, luckily, I didn't sprain it until halfway through Sunday. So I still got to enjoy my weekend.
On Saturday the Englishman and I had a sleep in and once we got moving, we both had very different ideas of what we wanted to do. I wanted to 'explore our local area' while the Englishman wanted to 'go shopping in the city'. BOR-ING! I've been shopping in the city before and besides....I'm broke.......
Instead, we ended up just walking up to our local shops and getting a pizza for lunch, renting some movies and having eggs on toast for dinner. Simple, easy, and cheap.
Sunday, I finally got my way and the Englishman agreed to go on a 'bushwalk' in close by Hunters Hill. There was a reserve with nice boardwalks and some off road terrain as well. It sounded pretty and to be honest, I wanted to just get outside and do something that felt a little like exercise.
The walk was fine, and pretty, and peaceful (although you could see houses above some of the trees and the main road was humming away in the distance) and as we headed back to the start, the thunder rolled and the raindrops started falling, so we decided to run back to the car along the road.....then we veered off the road and onto uneven ground and about 3 steps in, I went down.
The Englishman has never heard me in pain and now says I am not allowed to have babies if I make that much noise when I sprain my ankle!
Mind you, I didn't cry, I actually laughed and also swore A LOT and then wanted to just get up and go home....seeing as it was also raining and I was getting wet and cold!
I forgot how painful, and how much of a hassle having a sprained ankle is!
I made it home and up the 3 flights of stairs to our flat (pulling myself up the banister, fun!) and it took most of the afternoon for the pain to die down. Still, I thought I'd be right to get to work today, that somehow with all my following the RICE rules it would be miraculously much much better and I would be able to just limp a little.
No such luck. It wasnt really feeling any better this morning and although I think the swelling has gone down now, I think thats mostly due to the compression stocking I've been wearing for the last few hours.
Here's a few photos for graphic effect:
Looking much better than yesterday but definitely still swollen!!
This is an illustration of my current range of movement - my ballerina pointy toes ain't working so good.....
A close up - I only realised when I took this that it has started to bruise already.....
My Englishman has been pretty good at looking after me but it has been partly out of guilt - he felt like it was his fault for not agreeing to go bushwalking on Saturday (although I've told him it's definitely NOT his fault!). He's been good at cooking and fetching, but he does have a low tolerance for small requests so I've tried to keep them to a minimum, and I've also done my best to get up and 'try to do it myself' which helps with the sympathy factor ;-)


  1. Oh dear!! Fancy not being able to do a ballerina point!! How are you coping??
    I'm glad you are being looked after. Do you have a small bell at hand? You might need one so you can ring it when you are low on nourishment. You shouldn't have to resort to shouting out for your cucumber sandwiches!!

    Hope it heals soon so you can get back to doing your ballerina points pronto.

  2. Thanks Lady Daa Doo!! :)

    I have been after a set of miniature cymbals for a while, if I had found these they would have been perfect for my current predicament! Alas, I just have my baby-voice "I love you" calls which seem to work pretty well ;)

    I miss being able to point my toes nicely but I'm sure I'll be back to pirouetting in no time.