Monday, May 14, 2012

Obligatory Bump Photos

Soooo I have already started taking 'bump' photos.

Being pregnant and starting a family is something I have been looking forward to for a loooonnggg time, so I guess I wanted to make sure I captured every 'moment' for posterity. Even though looking at the photos so far I can't see much difference from Week 5 to Week 12, I'm hoping it'll be worth it.

SO - here's the deal:

Every Wednesday morning, before I have a shower, I get out of bed and take a photo in the mirror of my 'bump'.

Until last Wednesday, I had been using the mirror to get the 'perfect shot' but my Englishman pointed out that my iPhone can do self takes and wouldn't this give a better shot? For starters, the smartphone wouldn't be in the picture. der.

Here are Weeks 5 to 12:

Week 5

Week 6

Week 7

Week 9 (Week 8 is missing - not sure why...)

Week 10

Week 11
Week 12 (I swear the self take feature makes it look so much worse!)

Did you take photos of your 'bump' when pregnant? When did you start taking photos?


  1. I sure did! Every Sunday from Week 16 until Jude was born, in the same dress, same pose, same location (well same leafy green backdrop). I'm SO glad I did it, and will definitely do it again, it's an amazing thing to look back on later. I love it!

  2. Awesome polemama - will definitely be keeping this up and hopefully won't miss anymore weeks! :)

  3. Oh i replied on fb but yes i have friends that did every six weeks or so! It was so beautiful to see!

  4. Gill has not, but I have been taking photos of my stomach. I'm pretty sure I've actually gotten bigger than her! :D

  5. Smurphy - cute name lovely ;)
    A friend o/s has just told me her husband has been taking daily photos - I'm impressed as I thought weekly photos was pretty good!

    Mitch - I look forward to your 'sympathy bump' album! :P

  6. I spam everyone's Instagram feed with my belly photos, I can't help myself! x

  7. GG Miss Holly - I LOVE your bump photos! But your bump is somewhat 'bumpier'than mine at the moment ;-)