Thursday, May 10, 2012

The Word is Out! The Journey So Far......

So.......ever since the little white stick showed two lines I've been BUSTING to tell the world....then not wanting anyone to know 'in case something went wrong'.......then wanting to tell everyone again.....that I'm pregnant and me and the Englishman are expecting a baby!

Yep - 2 lines means 'pregnant'. :-)

I'll try not to go on too much but I guess I want to blog about the journey so far, so I can remember it and so I can tell the 'monkey monkey' about it one day.

Having a baby is something I have wanted for a very long time, but it had never been the 'Right Time' before. By the 'Right Time' I mean a few things - the right time in my life, the right time in my relationship with the right person, and the right time for my 'right person' as well.
After I turned 30 in December last year, and knowing that me and my right person had been talking about starting a family soon anyway, I decided enough was enough and I was going off the pill. In a fit of "I'm a grown up and I can do what I want to" feelings, I declared this decision to my Englishman, stating, "If you dont want a baby yet, YOU can sort that out." My Englishman, bless his heart, turned around and said, "well, I was going to suggest we start trying in the New Year so I guess this is ok".

I was already December 20. Not very long to wait anyway!

Thus ensued the excitement and apprehension of waiting, trying, thinking, trying some more and waiting again. I made an appointment to see my GP, told a few close friends what was happening and the Englishman and I got 'busy'. Getting busy is fun! ;-)

In February, the Englishman's parents came to stay and I thought that I might have been preggers. No such luck but it dominated a lot of our short holiday with them - lots of testing and thinking and second guessing, until it turned out that after 10 or so years on the pill, my body was just having some trouble readjusting to 'normal cycles'.

Around the middle of March, I had a couple of dizzy spells and was a little late, so thought I better do a test. Lo and behold - 2 pink lines!! We were both thrilled and very excited - happy dances and tears galore!

My GP suggested an early scan and I was more than happy to oblige - I was feeling very normal, no morning sickness and other than a bit of tiredness and the dizzy spells, I felt fine. We went for a scan on the 8 week mark and it was lovely - so good to see the little bean (or 'monkey monkey') growing away with a sweet little heartbeat we could see but not hear yet.

From 8 weeks onwards I have had some nausea but no vomiting (thank goodness!) I had a good month of tiredness but that seems to have abated now. As long as I make sure to eat regularly, I feel ok and as long as I don't rush around too much things stay pretty ok.

We have slowly told friends and family since we found out at 5 weeks and everyone has been so excited for us! My favourite reaction was my Mum - who screamed and ran around from the kitchen to give me a massive hug - she swears she was putting it on because I was 'expecting' a big reaction but I know she's been waiting for a grandchild for a long time (probably as long as I have been waiting to give her one!).

Our other favourite was tricking the Englishman's family and friends, as we happened to call them on April Fool's Day to tell them and as the Englishman is notorious for playing jokes (did you know Bruce Forsyth died?), they didnt know whether to believe him. His best mate, Davin, waited until after midday UK time before he even replied to the message!

It has also been lovely to find out along the way about a few gorgeous friends who are also expecting. The day of my 8 week scan I was sitting at work, wanting to tell a good friend but not knowing how (the difficulties of open plan offices!) when she came around to my desk to tell me she had just found out she was expecting! It was just perfect timing and so I have a lovely friend to share my journey with at work.

There are also a few close friends and family who are expecting in the coming months, and after 'facebook announcing', another friend messaged to let me know she is also expecting, and her due date is the day before mine!

Today, we went for our 12 week scan and it was magical. Unfortunately, my Englishman has been ill with the flu for 6 days so wasn't feeling the best, but he made it to the scan and I"m so glad he did. We heard the heartbeat, got to see the arms, legs, brain, stomach, bladder, and cute little nose. It's amazing to think that it's growing away inside me!

So that is the journey so far, in a nutshell. There is so much more to come and now that the gag is off, I might feel more motivated to blog more often. It's all very exciting!


  1. Congratulations Holly! It's so hard not to spill the beans, but now that the word is out there, you'll be able to enjoy the journey even more. Bubba looks so cute already in the ultrasound!

  2. Thanks Fran! It's such a relief to be able to shout it from the rooftops, so to speak!
    Not sure whose nose its got yet but it looks like a cute nose ;-)