Tuesday, March 30, 2010

First Blog

So, this is my first blog....hmmm.....what to write....maybe I can start with explaining why I'm writing?

I guess I decided to write a blog after reading a few blogs written by friends. A friend of mine is living in London with her husband of almost 12 months (actually, their anniversary is this weekend - congrats guys!) and she has been blogging about her experiences living overseas as well as things that fill her with passion (how leggings are NOT pants, or how awesome her husband is - both important subjects in my book!)

Another girl who is not quite a friend, more of an acquaintance I really like but never get to see has a blog where she writes about her family, does some creative writing, and also just blogs about anything that makes her think.

And my cousin has recently started a blog based around some cartoon characters she created and her thoughts around religion and life.

I'm finding all 3 really interesting - they make me laugh, smile, and because these are people I know, it gives me another way to feel connected when I dont get to see them often, which is very much the case with all 3.....I guess this is the way the world often is these days!

I guess Í'm hoping that my (future) blogs will maybe make other people feel the same way :-)

Anyway, until next time.

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