Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Camping - Things I've Taught My Englishman

Sooooo we went camping for Easter, as previously stated....... verdict? Camping is fun :-)

I think I mentioned that I had parameters for camping, but my englishman also had parameters for camping....lucky for me, these were not met.....in the following ways....

* Size of tent - We shared a tent with the people we camped with, but this was a 12 person tent.....note, there were 4 people in the tent.....my Englishman kept saying that a 2 person tent is big enough for 2 people, but by the end of the trip I'd convinced him that actually, something like a 6 man tent was good for 2.....2 rooms, space to stand up and space on either side of the bed for bags etc....result!

* Stuff needed for camping - I literally took the kitchen sink on our camping trip....well, I took a tub for washing up in anyway. My camping experience is limited so Ive learnt a thing or two from some seriously experienced campers (namely my ex's parents).....so things like saucepans, washing up liquid, tea towels, salt and pepper and bbq sauce were not forgotten......the Englishman had a spack attack when we tried to pack the car and declared that we had 'too much stuff'and that it would 'never' all fit in the car and that it was 'ridiculous'to take so much stuff camping for 2 people!!!!
I repacked the car with no trouble and on the way there, our friends rang to see if we had a saucepan and some tea towels. I was happy to say yes. Result!

.....Ok, so I think thats all I really taught the Englishman this time. Suffice to say though, this was a triumph and the rest of the trip was lots of fun. I recommend camping at Tiona on the beachside to anyone.......falling asleep to crashing waves is an awesome experience, as are fires on the beach and lamb skewers and corn on the cob cooked on the bbq ON the beach!

Oh and the air mattress wasn't as uncomfortable as expected and the Englishman thought this too....so one more thing I taught him - it was worth packing the hairdryer just to blow the mattress up :-)

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