Sunday, March 11, 2012

Kitty Love

I'm hanging out at my sister's house this morning. She and her husband have the most beautiful cat! Her name is Mia.
Mia has grown into her markings and is the kind of cat who loves to have a lap to sit in.
She is also a little psycho at times and will attack boxes, hair elastics and the corner of the hallway!
Her best trick is to play 'fetch' with a hair elastic. She doesn't always bring the elastic straight back as she gets distracted and bats it around, but she does bring it back for you to throw pretty consistently!
And unlike many dogs, she doesn't try to snatch it back when you go to pick it up!
Right now, Mia is settled on my legs. She is soft and warm and not too heavy.
Aaaahhhh, kitty love!!

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