Wednesday, June 6, 2012

New Bump Photos - Weeks 12 - 16

So a few weeks ago a posted my 'Bump' photos so far.

Here's an update:

Week 12 - where we last left off

Week 13....

Week 14....

Week 15.....

Week 16!

A work friend commented that I was looking 'slimmer' even though I've developed a bump....and I don't seem to have put any weight on scales-wise, which was worrying me....then I had a little think and realised that as soon as I became pregnant, I cut out a whole calorie food group - alcohol! So now it all makes sense...cutting out 3-4 glasses of wine most nights has allowed more room for food :-)

When did you start putting on weight in earnest? Was it different for different pregnancies?

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  1. Congratulations on your pregnancy! I think my weight just went on and on and on all through the pregnancy. I can't recall a particular time it was more pronounced. Its nice when your bump become s a defined shape and strangers know it is a baby belly and not too many burgers!