Wednesday, July 11, 2012

More than halfway there....

I've been quiet on the blog front lately: too busy soaking up this whole 'pregnancy experience' I think!
I've been a lucky lady so far as I've had very few issues. No morning sickness, just constant nausea for about 2 weeks and random nausea for a few weeks either side. I've had a bit of indigestion and reflux but very rare. The worst and most constant symptoms I've had are congestion and tiredness. The tiredness has not gone away as promised, though winter always makes me tired anyway.

This weekend we are off to Fiji for a Babymoon! Though the term Babymoom always confuses me: Honeymoons happen after the wedding so shouldn't Babymoons happen after the baby?

Anyway- its our last holiday as a 'Two' for a while and I'm really looking forward to it. Heat, water, yummy food and relaxation with the Englishman, doesn't get much better than that!!

Oh and did I mention we're having a boy? The Englishman is very excited!!


  1. Congratulations Holly! Keep the blog pink for your girly space!

  2. Thanks Fran!
    I hadn't even thought about changing the colour but I definitely will be keeping it pink now ;-)